We’re on a mission to build the most immediate way to shop.


At Robomart, we know true shopping convenience is more than just saving effort - it's about availability, ease of use, affordability, and speed, which is why we've built the world's first store-hailing service. Simply tap a button to hail the closest store, and shop checkout-free when it arrives. Shopping has never been easier or faster.


70% of all grocery trips are to buy less than 10 items. We waste an incredible amount of time going to the supermarket to buy our daily goods. Delivery promised to be faster and more convenient yet less than 3% of groceries are sold online. It wasn’t always like this, for decades, consumers had the convenience of their local greengrocer and milkman coming door to door. The grocery industry is now ripe for disruption.


Robomart was founded in 2017 by Ali Ahmed, Tigran Shahverdyan and Emad Rahim, serial entrepreneurs with deep domain expertise in on-demand delivery, robotics, and food retailing.

Robomart's founders at the company's test facility in Alameda.


Robomart has raised funding from top seed investors, is part of world-class accelerators and has a stellar advisory board of leading industry experts.